फिर लौट आई ” नागिन ” || Fir Laut Aaye Naagin New Episode 81 Full HD || TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

फिर लौट आई ” नागिन ” || Fir Laut Aaye Naagin New Episode 81 Full HD || TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

Hello, uncle. Hello. Wow, you�re actually here! I thought, you and Raj are having some… You know what I mean. I have to say, this kind of love
exists only in films. In real life, servants only marry servants. Am I right? �Nandini, your sad face is the first blow for my revenge.� �Watch what I do to you.� The oblation fire is pleased
with my meditation and created a mirror. So, I will see the serpent woman in the mirror no matter
where she may be. Oh, illusory mirror! Tell me, this serpent woman
who has run away where is she right now? So, Anand was right. The serpent is in his home. I wonder in which guise
she is present in his house? The magic mirror has shown me
her serpent form. Now, I must find out
about her human form. But, it can only happen
when I actually capture her. Hail the eternal one. My flute will orchestrate the next part of the game. Please finish the engagement. Don�t wait for Neelam.
She is resting in her room. Come on, then.
Come on, get going. My son, put the ring on her finger. Go ahead, do it. If you linger at the engagement
how long will you take for vows? Hurry up and put it on! Hey! Pick up that ring, my dear. �Mahadev, I am waiting
for your miracle.� �I know, you will not let me down.� �Mahadev, don�t let my faith down.� �Don�t allow this disaster
to take place.� Nandini. What did you say that day? That I should not even
bother to look at Raj. Now, you�ll see how I will make Raj mine and take him away from here. You can�t do anything about it. �Dear God, I don�t want to do this.� �Why have you put me into
this kind of dilemma?� �How will I live, if I am
away from Nandini?� Hail the eternal one! Gurudev, this is a sudden visit. Anand, my meditation is over. My powers have told me about the serpent who escaped us
and where she is now. What are you saying? Where is she? She is right here, in your house. She is roaming around
amidst you in disguise. I came to nab her. Hail the eternal one! �So the serpent protecting me is right here, right now.� �Who could it be?� �My identity is under threat
because of Shivani!� Hail the eternal one. All those who are here won’t go anywhere. Don’t be scared. The serpent woman is doing this. She is terrified. Keep playing the flutes. Play it louder. �If the flute plays
Raj, Priya and I will be exposed.� �I must do something.� What on earth, brother-in-law? Why did the power go off now? Now, humans or serpents
no one will be visible. Anand, do something, my son. �My scales are appearing.� �I can�t stand the flute playing.� �I can’t let Raj see my scaly skin.� �I can’t appear before him, now.� Where are you going, silly girl? Didn’t you hear? We are safe in
Panchsheel Baba’s keeping. Stand here, quietly. No, Anand. Don’t attack the serpent woman. I will do what must be done. Let’s go, disciples. �Before Panchsheel Baba
captures this serpent woman I must go and save her.� �She saved my life,
every single time.� �Now, it’s my turn to do my duty.� Disciples, find the serpent. Once she enters the forest
it will be very difficult to get her. But, it�s a 2 headed serpent. We saw a golden serpent
in the magic mirror. Gurudev, this is another serpent. Yes, you are right. It seems, the serpent
is trying to mislead us. But, I won�t be fooled by her. Let�s go! Raj! It�s dangerous outside. Panchsheel Baba is outside so Raj�s life is in danger. Let�s go, Lakshman. Let�s kill the serpent, today. Uncle, all of this is shocking. – Let me come along with you.
– No, you stay here
and watch over everything. Go and look for her.

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  1. Dangal TV Channel what is difficult for you guys to put subtitles,especially in the most interesting episodes. If you don't want the world to watch your movies, then stop posting.
    Indians can be stubborn and difficult. Especially here in Bangalore🤦‍♀️

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