उकाला | Ukala Recipe | BREAKING NEWS: CHAI PE CHARCHA | Kya Pakk Raha Hai

उकाला | Ukala Recipe | BREAKING NEWS: CHAI PE CHARCHA | Kya Pakk Raha Hai

What’s cooking Friends? I am your Chef Harpal, and I am cooking from many years. You have seen for a few days that the good things are cooking, The country is progressing because everyone is discussing about the tea. I have brought a special recipe for you. The name of this series is Kya Pakk Raha Hai In coming time, much more things are going to be cooked. The symbol you will be voting is going to be very important. It will help in the true way for the country to be progressive. If you did not discussed properly about this topic than nothing will happen. I will say everything will happen, our country will progress more because I am here to cook good food for you and to make you fit. You have to vote a right symbol. So today, I am making in Ukala. Make your finger proper black with the voting mark after drinking this Ukala. I am making a very interesting recipe, i.e Ukala This time is to mindfully watch the recipe, Ukala is available in every corner of the city Mumbai. Our Bhatt brothers from Gujarat have made this amazing tea. Today they are giving tea to the whole country. Our country is becoming popular in the whole world. Even I think that this tea also should be popular in the country. So friends I will show you how to make this tea. So this chef has got out to take water The water like our clean Ganga river. To make this Ukala, add water as required in the pan, You get Ukala everywhere in Mumbai. It is an amazing tea. When I was new in Mumbai, I used to have every Bhatt tea. The Bhatt’s have a magic in their hand to make amazing tea. Add 1 tbsp of raw turmeric, this is my styled tea because my style is a unique style. Along with that add 1 tbsp of ginger, 1/2 tsp of cardamom powder, boil it properly till it becomes a homogeneous mixture like our country India. When our country is in trouble, everyone comes together to support each other similarly the tea is, when we put all the ingredients together and let it boil it will taste good. When it is boiled properly and you get a Kesari colour and you start watching it like others see will see our nation proudly. Add 2 tbsp of Jaggery, as I think every Indian is very good like this jaggery. Let the jaggery melt properly. Add 1 cup of milk, when it is boiled properly that means the Ukala is ready. I have made a very healthy recipe for you. Strain the Ukala in cups. I have taken this 2 cups, I will strain it. So friends Ukala is ready, very interesting and healthy. Same way together we have to make our nation healthy and drink this Ukala everyday. Same way I will keep bringing interesting recipes in the Kya Pakk Raha Hai series. This recipe is done for now, tomorrow I will bring new recipe. So keep watching Kya Pakk Raha Hai.

26 thoughts on “उकाला | Ukala Recipe | BREAKING NEWS: CHAI PE CHARCHA | Kya Pakk Raha Hai

  1. I will support you for your food but not your chaiwala. He is one of worst of the country. For your kind knowledge I am from Kerala. You my brother understand.

  2. Bilkul sahi chef …..abki baar phir modi sarkar …….
    VOTE ek aiysa weapon hai jiske istemal Se kisi ko chot nahi pahunchti …..

  3. kia baat hai sardar geeeeeeeee apppppppp ki…..chah rye hain aaap…bht si bhidaya or duayyyeen aap kay lye…..

  4. Desh key liye Sirf Modi….aur kitchen may pakaney key liye sirf Chef Sokhi….😊😊😊😊😊😊hurrreeyyyyyyyy

  5. उकाळा. Sir Ookala is originally from Kokan region of Maharashtra. Ookala means boiling in Marathi……Chai pe charcha to agle 5 saal bhi hogi ☕☕☕!! 😀😀😀😀

  6. niece ukala also sir ji chai ban hi rahi hai to lage hath ek rich karmiri keshar,cinamon stick,cardamom or cashew chips vala kawa b ho jaye

  7. Hi Harpal Sokhi I was thinking of making Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Red onion and Tomato and Garlic soup with salt and pepper to taste and mixed herbs and olive oil. Roasted in the oven. And making it into soup with no vegetable stock cubes just plain water. To make it more healthy to eat. I think that would help my cold healthy soup but not to much oil a little bit to help it roast in the oven. In bed with the flu cold. Not feeling well this week. Harpal Sokhi just not feeling well.

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